“The energy work Elfi administers has the profound capacity to nourish the soul, creating a feeling of spiritual and physical bliss. Each session I’ve had with her feels like a complete release and leaves my body feeling more at ease, peaceful and aligned than I ever knew was possible.” – AB

After more than 30 years as a Shiatsu Therapist and Teacher, Elfi Six is still intrigued by life expressing itself through patterns of energy flow and vibration in body and mind. Various fields of study are trying to describe and solve this phenomenon since it is also the base for discomfort and disease. In order to find the desired harmonic alignment for her clients, powerful Sound is added to her Touch Therapy.

Her clients say they experience a deep sense of emotional well-being and realignment, while finding relief from backache, depression, headaches, scar tissue, joint and muscle aches, and hormonal imbalances. They feel a general revitalization and reorientation in periods of stress.

Elfi is licensed as a Massage Therapist, a Licensed Teacher and Practitioner of the Acutonics® System, nationally certified in Asian Bodywork, and is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA, Laban Institute NY). She is also certified in Medical Massage.

You are invited to enjoy the healing services Elfi offers. Her work will inspire you to find your way back to your true essence and wholeness—to be in Cosmic Resonance.