“The energy work Elfi administers has the profound capacity to nourish the soul, creating a feeling of spiritual and physical bliss. Each session I’ve had with her feels like a complete release and leaves my body feeling more at ease, peaceful and aligned than I ever knew was possible.” – AB

Elfi’s clients seem to enjoy the experience of a deep sense of emotional well-being and realignment. They find relief from common symptoms like neck/shoulder/back pain, headaches, joint and muscle aches. Stress energy is transformed into vitality and allows for emotional release, reorientation of spirit and a return to wholeness.

Elfi sees herself as a guide for your energy to become unblocked, using her Touch with the help of Sound Vibrations from Acutonics Tuningforks, Tibetan bowls, bells and chimes.

Over 30 years of Experience with Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu, Movement Therapy, form her approach in helping you to find healing – your true essence.