“Elfi Six is one of the most profound healers I have ever come across. I believe this is because she works on multiple levels simultaneously—physically, emotionally, spiritually. She corrected my chronic back pain when no other approaches had worked and has aligned me in other ways as well. On Elfi’s table, I succumb to a swirl of sound, vibration, and expert touch that is sheer artistry and nothing less than transformative. I trust and recommend her completely.” —H.F.

Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Acutonics® share the same underlying foundation of Oriental Medicine which is to free the flow of energy in the body’s energy pathways.

In Shiatsu, the method we use is pressure as well as movement of limbs and joints; in Acutonics® we use sound vibrations transmitted with specially designed tuning forks.

Sound is powerful, magical and pain free – it travels fast, it takes us home. It helps to integrate all our senses and body functions in order to promote profound healing at the cellular level.

Sound also synchronizes the brain hemispheres (providing relaxation, enhanced creativity, and restful sleep), the spine and the joints will feel better lubricated, allowing a greater range of motion, more efficient movement and better alignment. The fine sound vibrations have also a balancing effect on emotions and hormones, to feel more connected and whole

Please call to make an appointment for a 90 min. session.