“Elfi Six is one of the most profound healers I have ever come across. I believe this is because she works on multiple levels simultaneously—physically, emotionally, spiritually. She corrected my chronic back pain when no other approaches had worked and has aligned me in other ways as well. On Elfi’s table, I succumb to a swirl of sound, vibration, and expert touch that is sheer artistry and nothing less than transformative. I trust and recommend her completely.” —H.F.

Shiatsu and Acutonics share the same underlying foundation of Oriental Medicine, where the intention is to free the flow of energy in the body’s meridian system.
One is with touch, the other is with sound vibrations.

In Shiatsu, the method used is rhythmic pressure on Acupuncture points. in Acutonics we use sound vibrations – High, middle, and low frequency Tuningforks that correlate with the celestial bodies: the Sun, Moon and planets to complete our original signatures – we all have star dust in our bloodstream!

Attention is also payed to Breath, an exquisite tool to anchor awareness of the present moment in the body experience. Chakras are major Energy Centers and love to find greater Harmony through this work – by toning with Tibetan bowls.

A cozy treatment room in her tree house’ is dedicated for her sessions. Summer with beautiful weather, might create a special treat by working outside on the Deck, surrounded by plants and trees. Home Visits in the Berkshire vicinity can be arranged too.