Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics
Friday – Sunday
July 12 – 14, 2019
Monday – Wednesday
July 15 – 17, 2019


Higher Harmonics and the inner Nature of Tone
Friday – Sunday
August 23 – 25, 2019
Monday – Wednesday
August 26 – 28, 2019

each Level is taught on 3 days from 9 – 6pm
$ 450 + cost for Tuning forks


Harmonic Attunement

this class is 4 days long, 9 – 6pm, $ 550 + cost for Tuning Forks

Thursday – Sunday
September 12 – 15, 2019

Location: So Egremont, MA
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Elfi Six is Licensed to teach Level I – IV of the ACUTONICS® Curriculum toward Certified Acutonics Practitioner.

The program addresses the diverse training needs of health professionals by providing a practical understanding of Integrative Medicine, Oriental Medicine, and Sound Healing.

Classes are “On Demand”.

– more than a text book – for Level I and II

Acutonics® Level I: Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics:

This workshop introduces the Acutonics® Healing System. This non-invasive system has its roots in Oriental Medicine and draws on science, music, metaphysics, philosophical traditions, and both Eastern and Western medicine to create an integrated, harmonic approach to health care and healing.

The workshop explores the energetics of sound, the human body as sound resonator, meridians and points as pathways for sound, concepts of the world harmonies and cellular memory, sound imprints, and reformatting. It offers fresh new insights into pre-meridian energy networks and the role of the kidney and heavenly given Qi as sacred access to ultimate potential, vitality, and consciousness.

In this highly experiential workshop, practitioners will learn how to apply precision calibrated tuning forks using sound intervals that are based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. You will learn to treat the use of the extraordinary vessels, microcosmic orbit, windows to the sky, and selected points with transformational overtones. Explore the art of listening, cellular re-entraining and attuning and their combined role in re-harmonization.

Practitioners will learn to work with the Acutonics® Earth Moon Professional Set and the Acutonics®Solar 7th Set.

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Note: Continuing Education Credits are provided for acupuncturists and massage therapists.

Acutonics® Level II: Higher Harmonics and the Inner Nature of Tone

This workshop deepens the energetic model of harmony and healing and the cross-cultural use of harmonic medicine. It expands the participants’ knowledge and application of intervals as harmonic sound keys to balance, expand, re-entrain, and transform meridian and organ disharmonies. Participants learn how to accelerate and move into higher and subtler vibrational states of awareness that will allow deep cellular transformation of the physical form.

To further the teachings of intervals from Level I, higher octaves and resonances are introduced, using Sun, Earth and Moon cycles. Practitioners will explore and experience sacred healing tools and traditions from ancient and indigenous cultures.

The application of sound intervals to innovative point combinations on and above meridian, pre-meridian, and Chakra systems, helps reformat cellular memory and potential. Through the use of custom calibrated tuning forks, bells, Tibetan bowls, rattles, conch shells, drums and didgeridoos participants will learn to root and expand the container of physical form. You will also learn to awaken subtle body energies and facilitate the alignment of inner melody with divine tones. This workshop builds on the wisdom of energy diagnostics, grids, and fields and focuses on the synthesis of individual and universal attunement. Practitioners learn to work in and between the physical and non-physical energies of the body.

Practitioners expand their knowledge of the Acutonics® Earth Moon Set and are introduced to the Acutonics® High Frequency Set, Acutonics® Low Moon Set and other sound healing tools.

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Prerequisite: Acutonics® I
Note: Continuing Education Credits are provided for acupuncturists and massage therapists.

Acutonics® Level III: Harmonic Attunement

This advanced training provides an in-depth exploration of archetypes, cross-cultural myths, astronomy and planetary frequencies applied to points and meridians, exploring the more ancient beliefs and traditions of Each Asian Medicine. Beginning with an exploration of Taoist concepts of the Heavens, the Wu Qi, the Three Pure Ones and the Five Forces, you will gain a deeper understanding of sacred anatomy, the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, and our Celestial Stems and Terrestrial Branches. We also explore the role of story, myth and archetype with their physiological and psychological implications to inform treatment approaches. Working in teams, you will conduct assessments to plan and deliver in-depth treatments that incorporate tuning forks, hand chimes and essential oils. You will have the opportunity to develop your therapeutic skills of client assessment, treatment planning and more sophisticated sound layering on and over acupuncture points.

This comprehensive class introduces you to the Acutonics Planetary Mid-Frequency Tuning Fork and Acutonics Chiron Sets, the Planetary Gongs, the Acutonics Planetary Hand Chimes, and the Acutonics Harmonic Essentials Planetary Oils.

32 PDA Points NCCAOM
34 Continuing Education Hours NCBTMB

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