Services and Training

Elfi Six performs bodywork, Acutonics and Shiatsu from her peaceful studio in South Egremont, Mass. When you schedule a session, make sure you let her know about your therapeutic needs. Common issues are back, neck/shoulder, hip-problems, or fatigue, stress/sleep, headache, depression, hormonal issues. She will customize a session with you according to your needs. 

This might involve a Gong Bath—a large Symphonic OHM Gong is waiting for you to experience its deep, yet gentle reverberating frequencies to stimulate your Energy Pathways, as well all your cells. A very individual and personal experience!

Breath awareness can be magical and it is the Number 1 tool you can always turn to when you feel overwhelmed, especially if you practice while deeply relaxing and paying attention during your session.

Sound Vibrational Healing will be performed with three octave ACUTONICS Planetary Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bells and Bowls, Tinjas, chimes, even drums or didgeridoo; your astrological background or relevant health facts can be included also.

Touch, or use of Elfi’s experienced hands, is derived from many years of training in Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu, Movement Analysis, Yoga, Medical Massage, etc. Together with moving, or stretching limbs and muscles, this experience usually results in a deep sense of relief and well-being.

Balancing your Energy Centers/Chakras

Each one of the seven Chakras provides special criteria toward your psychological, physical, and spiritual needs. The yin/yang expression of your front and back body plays a role, as well as your posture, alignment, and voice. The general expression of your being is giving off cues toward a treatment strategy; spontaneous awareness and honest connection and communication are of utter importance.

Elfi also makes Home Visits in the Berkshires and surrounding areas. She also provides services at Yoga and other Wellness retreats; contact her for more information.

Training Opportunities

Elfi Six, L.M.T., is Licensed to teach Acutonics®

Level I             Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics
Level II           Higher Harmonics and the Inner Nature of Tone
Level III          Harmonic Attunement
Level IV          Advanced Harmonic Applications

Please visit our classes page to find when those courses are offered.

Go to for further information about the VII Level Certificate Program and its requirements.

Elfi also provides consultation and training in:

Table Shiatsu and Chair Shiatsu
Once trained in practicing Shiatsu on a Tatami mat, you can easily apply the most stringent rules of moving from the Hara (or core), stretching body parts and applying a certain amount of pressure to a particular point or meridian.

Self Help with Sound: Acutonics ® OHM Tuning Forks
Acutonics ® offers a magical opportunity to help yourself and your friends and family with minor problems. Experience the playful, yet meaningful exchange of energy and sound to foster well-being.
We all have those moments in life when we feel so much bigger, almost able to reach the stars. We might never get there, but we can experience Sound Frequencies that remind us where we came from and indulge in their Healing and Balancing effect.