The following testimonials were generously given by my clients. For your kind words and helpful insight into my work, thank you.

A session with Elfi is an investment in your future. She has combined several techniques: Shiatsu and the Tuning Forks to create something new that works. Your body feels like it did at 16! She worked out the
kinks in my back, helped with my posture and put a spring in my step. Elfi showed me how to sit correctly at my computer and a better sleeping position. My stiff neck and aching back are gone! Elfi is a delight.

-Ann A. Fishman, President
Generational-Targeted Marketing Corp.

Thank you so much for the session. I wanted to let you know how amazing I felt after leaving your house. I didn’t know what to expect, and the experience was so much more than I was hoping for. My whole body felt lighter and better balanced afterward, but the physical benefits were also accompanied by a calmer and more centered emotional state. All of the stress that I had been storing for so long seemed to vanish.

I have so much respect for your talent and your work. Thank you so much, and I hope to do another session with you sometime soon.

-Stefanie M.

It was such a pleasure to meet you and experience your wonderful body work. The Shiatsu combined with the Acutonics was amazing. The resonant energy of the tuning forks was so soothing and in sync with my internal energy centers. I feel so much more balanced and energized. I know it will help me to continue on my path wherever it is taking me!

-Marla G.

When I came to Elfi a few weeks ago I had just experienced the worst lower back pain (in terms of both intensity and duration) of my 60-something life. For three days the only pain-free position was lying in bed and even with ice packs and a maximum dose of Ibuprofen, driving a car or sitting at my desk was out of the question. Even though I was still very uncomfortable and a bit anxious about having my body touched at all due to my pain sensitivity, I scheduled an “emergency” session with Efli.

The first thing Elfi did after asking me to explain what I was feeling was that she watched how I was walking. Then she positioned by body on the floor, and with some skilled gentle adjustments of my legs and a blissful “swinging of my hips/sacrum” that invited me to release my muscular gripping, I began to feel some relief from the acute pain. She explained to me what was happening with my chronic hip rotation (from crossing my leg and working at the computer too long without a break). She suggested some stretches that I used over the following week,which felt good and helped soothe the discomfort from the deep inflammation of the initiating incident.

A week later I had another session, using Shiatsu and the magnificent Acutonics tuning forks (placed on specific points along my spine and my legs) . (She chooses a frequency of the tuning forks specifically for treating the meridian that needs unblocking—she would also play some colorful chimes which are hanging from the ceiling. She put a Tibetan bowl on my lower back and stroke it with a mallet. I enjoy those micro sensations and I picture the sound aligning with the cells in my body and their vibration gently coursing through my body, flushing out toxins, releasing tension, moving Chi.

After over an hour of doing “her magic” she invites me to allow myself to rest quietly on her table in a state of delightful suspension of gravity in my body for several minutes. When I get up, I look at my face in the mirror and without make-up I am looking glowing, relaxed and about 10 years younger. It amazes me is that for the weeks after this session I feel new “spaces” in my joints between my shoulders and my arm and when I’m holding myself poorly (as with a raised shoulder from manipulating a computer mouse) or sitting slumped over, or crossing my legs, I can now feel it in my body, reminding me to lower my shoulders, uncollapse my lower back and sit straighter – more effortlessly.

If you have some kind of chronic pain, that never fully goes away because it’s “stored” in your body, you owe it to yourself to have treatments from Elfi that help you integrate your whole being.

I find that Elfi is a gifted expert of body –mind- spirit healing; she is a highly skilled and intuitive cartographer of the energy maps that make up your body. She integrates all of her 30 years of study and training in Shiatsu, Laban Movement Analysis, 5 Element Philosophy, Metaphysics, Sound applications, Exercise and Life Practices to work for the particular needs of the individual. She takes queues from observing a person’s habitual movement and posture, be it standing or lying in prone or supine. She has a level of mastery that goes beyond knowledge and technique and stems from her deep commitment and intention for healing.


Elfi has the amazing ability to really connect to the body, mind and spirit of others and this, fused with her intuition and technique, gives powerful results.


After enduring a serious car accident, I had one session and felt my spine return to its natural support. The vibrations of the tuning forks relieved the physical pain, emotional unrest, and energetic imbalances. Elfi’s gentle, yet strong intention also serves the very deep healing effect.


Utilizing tuning forks (instead of needles or moxa) on points and meridians for therapy? The idea of this sonic-vibratory approach to healing delighted me when I learned of it a few years ago. My first experience was far beyond every prior imagining. With first touch and tone I feel a deep, natural trust and receptivity. Eyes closed, I find myself suddenly transported to the interior of an ancient/timeless pyramid for a precise re-tuning; a physical, emotional calm, a mental and spiritual resting with the heart, song and beauty of Creation.

So gracefully and wordlessly direct! Yummm. All within Elfi’s magnificent sound chamber and of course her love of the process; her attentive care, skill, and honoring, compassionate presence.

-Stephen the Flute Player